The Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Hardgainer

So you’ve analyzed your body type, and figured out that you are in fact, a HardGainer. You might be sad and upset right now, but don’t be. The advantages of being a HardGainer far outweigh the disadvantages. Still not sold on the concept? Take a look at this article!

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Hardgainer’s Guide to Triceps Training

  When it comes to Triceps training, you must first analyze the muscle itself. The triceps muscle consists of 3 different parts that work together to extend and contract the arm. The ┬álong head and medial head run along the back of the arm and make up the most of the muscle. The lateral head [...]

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Hardgainer’s Guide to Chest Training

When it comes to Chest training, we must first analyze the shape and function of the muscle itself. Unlike the biceps, triceps, and back, the chest contains a single muscle, the pectoralis major. However, as we all know, the chest area contains different regions that need to be attacked specifically. Effectively hitting these regions will result in a world class chest!

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Hardgainer’s Guide to Biceps Training

When it comes to Biceps training, you must first analyze the biceps muscle itself. The biceps muscle consists of 3 parts that work together to form the muscle. Building all 3 of these components evenly leads to world class guns! When working a smaller muscle group such as biceps, Hardgainers should aim for 3-4 exercises, and roughly 9-12 working sets.

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Casein Protein Powder Dilemma


“Is it worth me buying a 2 pound of whey and a 2pound of casein protein, or should i just stick to a 5 lb of Whey and make sure i eat eggs/cheese daily?” -Tolerance

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What To Eat Before A Morning Workout?


“Hi! My name is Sebastian and i’m a hardgainer. Will You be so kind and suggest a preworkout meal for a morning workout. I get up at 5:20 am, workout starts at 7:15. What meal will be the right choice, so my stomach won’t be overloaded for workout?” -Sebastian

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Hardgainer’s Guide to Training

An outline of the training principles a HardGainer must take into account while developing their workouts. The number of sets and rep range per bodypart are discussed.

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Hardgainer’s Diet: A Complete Meal Plan

In a follow up to the Advanced Nutrition Guidelines, and incorporating information from the Guide To Protein, Guide To Carbs, and Guide To Fats, this is Complete Meal Plan for a HardGainer. Following this high protein and high carb diet, Hardgainers can expect to gain 3-5 pounds per week!

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Omega Sports Cre-Ethyl Thunder Review

Overview: Cre-Ethyl Thunder by Omega Sports is the first pre-workout supplement that I ever used. Cre-Ethyl Thunder is the ideal pre-workout creatine supplement for the beginner to intermediate bodybuilder, ie 6 months to 1 year experience. Cre-Ethyl Thunder has an impressive ingredient profile that includes 2.4 grams of pure Creatine Ethyl Ester, Glycerol and Potassium Phosphate for Creatine absorption, Methylxanthines for an intense energy rush, and Glucuronolactone that puts you into the zone to focus on the hardcore training ahead.

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